What Are the Anti-Craving Medicines Used in MAT?

Studies show that individuals with an opioid use disorder (OUD) who attempt total abstinence following detox are significantly more likely to relapse than individuals with other addictions. Relapse is a normal part of the recovery process. However, relapsing on opioids carries a higher risk for fatal overdoses. Because of the power of opioids, individuals with […]

What to Expect from Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Millions of people suffer from substance use disorders (SUD). Treatment for substance use disorders generally falls into inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient rehab is intensive, 24-hour supervised treatment in a residential setting. Outpatient rehab is a part-time treatment option that enables individuals to receive substance abuse treatment while maintaining regular daily routines. Not everyone struggling […]

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Timeline

Detox is the first step toward recovery from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. Choosing the best detox program depends upon your unique needs and the severity of your substance use disorder. Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone and are determined by the type of substance, length of use, and amount in your system upon […]