Outpatient Addiction Treatment Timeline

Heroin use has increased dramatically in women and men across all demographics. If you or someone you love is addicted to heroin, you know how powerful and destructive it is. Next Wind Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center in New Jersey that can provide the help you need to break the cycle of heroin addiction. 

Detox is the first step toward recovery from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. Choosing the best detox program depends upon your unique needs and the severity of your substance use disorder. Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone and are determined by the type of substance, length of use, and amount in your system upon arrival at detox. Withdrawal from alcohol and opioids can be dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening without medical supervision. Therefore, it is critical to understand the detox process and the differences between inpatient and outpatient detox programs. Contact Next Wind Recovery at 201.331.6569 for detox and outpatient addiction treatment in New Jersey.

Do You Need Outpatient Detox in New Jersey?

It can be difficult for individuals struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) to recognize when professional help is needed. Many people are in denial about their problem, especially when they have not yet experienced significant consequences resulting from their SUD. The reality is that most people abusing alcohol or drugs will eventually develop an addiction. If you question whether or not you need SUD treatment, you likely do.

While the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and addiction will vary between individuals, the following are common indications that professional treatment is needed:

  • Increasingly needing to take more of the substance to get the desired effect
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking or using drugs
  • The inability to stop using drugs or alcohol despite repeated attempts
  • Reliance on drugs, alcohol, or both to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, or any emotional or psychological challenges
  • Avoiding responsibilities and withdrawing from previously enjoyed activities
  • Obsessing over when you can next get and use drugs or alcohol or being afraid of not having access to your substance of choice
  • Changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and physical appearance

The main goal of detox is to address the physical aspects of addiction so that individuals can deal with the underlying psychological factors contributing to their SUD. Fear of this process doesn’t have to hold you back. At Next Wind Recovery, our outpatient detox center provides supportive, medically supervised care to help you through this challenging time.

How Long Do Outpatient Detox Programs Take?

One of the first questions most people want to be answered about addiction treatment is how long it will take. It is essential to accept that addiction is a chronic disease, so the process of recovery is lifelong. Having patience is critical to being successful in treatment and beyond. Remember, your addiction did not happen overnight, and neither will your recovery.

A complete outpatient detox typically takes about six days but can range anywhere between three and fourteen. How long outpatient detox programs take depends on several factors, including:

  • Which substance you are abusing
  • Whether or not you are abusing multiple substances
  • Method of use (injecting, snorting, smoking, etc.)
  • Length and severity of substance abuse
  • Medical history and general health
  • Presence of co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Age and gender

Outpatient detox programs are generally less expensive and more convenient for many. Not everyone with a substance use disorder requires inpatient treatment. Further, not everyone can walk away from work, school, or family obligations to attend inpatient treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment allows you to remain employed and fulfill your responsibilities.

That said, outpatient detox and subsequent addiction treatment are not appropriate for individuals with severe addiction. Additionally, because you are not in a controlled environment, the chances of relapse are higher. The best candidates for outpatient treatment will have a stable home environment where others are not using alcohol or drugs and a solid support network.

Reach Out to Next Wind Recovery for Outpatient Detox and Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

When you reach out to Next Wind Recovery for outpatient detox and addiction treatment services, the first step will be a thorough assessment from our highly-skilled, compassionate treatment team. This assessment will form the foundation of your individualized treatment plan. We understand the fears surrounding the decision to seek addiction treatment, but Next Wind Recovery will be with you every step of the way, from detox to aftercare planning. Reach out to us online or by calling 201.331.6569 to learn about your addiction treatment options.

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