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Detoxification or detox is a process that someone may go through as they work towards recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The term detox can refer to detoxing from substances or a formal medical detox program.

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Detoxification in New Jersey

Not everyone needs a medical detox, but for many people, it can be a vital part of supporting their long-term recovery and helping them transition into the next level of care.

Next Wind Recovery is a detox center in New Jersey offering NJ outpatient treatment programs. If someone requires a more intensive inpatient program, the Next Wind Recovery team can refer them to those programs.

Next Wind Recovery works with trusted drug & alcohol detox programs in New Jersey in order to provide our clients with the best available treatment options. 

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Signs Someone Needs a Detox Program in New Jersey

Addiction and dependence are terms often used interchangeably with one another. They’re two different things, and understanding those differences highlights when a drug or alcohol detox program could be needed.

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s a psychological disease that affects your mental, physical, and emotional health. Dependence is a physiological condition.

When you use drugs or alcohol for some time, your brain and body become dependent on them. Your brain chemicals adjust to the presence and effects of the substance. Repeated exposure to a substance can change your brain’s chemicals and structure to accommodate the substance.

If you suddenly stop using the substance or quit “cold turkey,” your body may struggle to try and readjust.

This period of readjustment is known as withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms can vary in severity, and in some rare cases, particularly with alcohol dependence, can be deadly. That’s when medical management of withdrawal becomes important. Not everyone with an addiction will develop dependence and vice versa, but more often than not, the two occur together.

One of the initial signs of drug or alcohol dependence is a tolerance to the substance. When you develop a tolerance, you need higher doses to feel the same effects or to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance is one sign that you might benefit from a medical detox. 

While withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the substance, someone is dependent on, how long they’ve used it, and their underlying health, some of the general common symptoms that may occur include:

Some of the substances most often linked to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms include:

It’s rarer but also possible to develop a dependence on stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine.

It’s essential to speak to an addiction treatment professional or health care provider before trying to stop using drugs or alcohol to stay safe and minimize your symptoms as much as possible.

Next Wind Recovery is an NJ drug and alcohol rehab program available on an outpatient basis to help with the symptoms of substance dependence.

Additionally, an IOP is ideal for individuals who do not require inpatient care but require more support than just counseling once a week. This option is also ideal for those who have already completed inpatient care and require support to adjust back to normal life without relapsing.

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What to Expect from Treatment

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at Medical Detox?

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is a critical first step in recovery, but detox isn’t a standalone treatment. The goal of detox is primarily to help someone safely manage withdrawal symptoms.

When you complete a detox program, you’re making a critical first step toward your new life in recovery. 

Next Wind Recovery Center is a leading detox center in New Jersey, and we also work with other treatment facilities as needed to deliver the highest level of care.

Someone can detox independently without guidance from treatment professionals. Still, it’s safer for most people to look for a detox center in New Jersey or elsewhere that can provide them with treatment.

The Detox Process

During a medical detox, the treatment team begins with an individualized plan. A medical detox plan primarily focuses on ensuring you’re safe and comfortable during this time, minimizing withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. There’s medical care, and the treatment team will work on delivering as much stability as possible during a challenging time in your recovery.

During the initial evaluation phase, the treatment team works to understand your medical and substance use history and mental health history. 

The next phase of detox is stabilization. Then, you begin to prepare for your treatment program.

You could be at risk of complications or relapse without medical supervision or check-ins during your detox, and your symptoms may be harder to deal with.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Some medications can be used as you begin a detox program. These are known as Medication-Assisted Treatments or MAT. MAT includes using carefully managed, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatments to help with withdrawal symptoms and substance cravings.

Along with medications considered part of an MAT plan, healthcare providers might prescribe other treatments on an as-needed basis based on the symptoms a person is experiencing. For example, medications for sleep disturbances, nausea, or anxiety might be part of a treatment plan.

If a person participates in an outpatient detox program, there are lifestyle changes that might help them get past their symptoms as well. For example, eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest are all helpful in dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Managing your stress with activities like meditation or yoga can help, as can social support.

Once someone fully detoxes and drugs and alcohol have left their system, they can begin their treatment program. Completing detox, especially with Medication-Assisted Treatment, significantly increases the chances of successfully moving on to outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab, or another type of program.

With access to our detox center in New Jersey, Next Wind Recovery can refer you to a nearby inpatient detox center if a higher care level is needed.

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Finding Detox in New Jersey

How Detox in NJ Can Help

Everyone is unique, as are their mental and physical needs and history of substance use. There’s not one specific timeline for every person entering a detox program. Still, the expectation is usually that this part of the treatment process will last for several days up to a week or ten days.
Next Wind Recovery offers drug detox in Berlin, New Jersey, on an outpatient basis.

Our New Jersey detox program team works with clients to understand their unique needs and create a tailored plan for this critical period in their treatment. Our detox center in New Jersey aims to prepare every client for their drug or alcohol rehab program to support long-term recovery.

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If an outpatient NJ drug and alcohol detox isn’t the appropriate option and we believe someone requires inpatient care, we also provide local referrals to treatment facilities.

Our team at Next Wind Recovery works to change what it means to provide outpatient addiction treatment in New Jersey. We fight against the stigma of mental health and addiction and help every person we work with achieve the life they want and deserve. Please, get in touch today to learn more about our detox center in New Jersey and our available treatment programs.

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