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One step on the continuum can be sober living houses in New Jersey. At Next Wind Recovery, we work with clients to help them access New Jersey sober living, continue building on the foundation they initially created in treatment, and go through outpatient rehab.

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Supportive Housing & Sober Living at Next Wind

When you go through the treatment process for addiction, it’s one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that can happen in your life. It’s not easy initially, but over time and with the right treatment team, it becomes sustainable over the long term. Your recovery success depends largely on how long you stay in treatment. A continuum-of-care approach is ideal because you work through treatment gradually, at your own pace.

Addiction is a progressive, chronic disease. If it’s untreated over time, it can be deadly. 

Treating a substance use disorder relies on understanding the complexities of the disease of addiction.

The continuum of care concept is when a client is guided through treatment services over different intensity levels. 

Clients should enter treatment at a care level that suits their needs. Then, depending on how that initial phase of treatment goes, they could move into a higher level of care or one that’s less intensive.

In a continuum of care, clients are moving across levels of care based on a treatment plan designed for them.

The benefits of going through multiple levels of treatment include:

  • It helps to prevent relapse. Research shows a continuum of care is the best tool for long-term recovery.
  • The primary goals of relapse prevention that are worked on in treatment are about teaching you how to manage your triggers. You can learn life skills to identify and then manage your triggers proactively.
  • Even if you’ve already completed an inpatient program, you may not be ready for daily life. You may need a transitional environment.

Sober homes are one transitional environment we encourage our clients to consider.

The team at our Englewood facility works to provide a continuum of care for each of our clients, and that may include a sober living home in NJ. Next Wind Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with comprehensive NJ addiction treatment.

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Sober Living at Next Wind Recovery

What Are the Benefits of a Sober Living House?

Sometimes, you’ll hear sober living called a halfway house, and the idea is that it’s a bridge between being in an inpatient level of treatment and re-entering the real world fully.

After you leave an inpatient treatment center and go home, you might find it difficult to adjust.

Going to a sober living home first is a good way to implement the skills you learned during treatment. It can end up making the difference between sustaining your recovery and relapsing.

There’s not the same structure level as in an inpatient facility. However, it is still a sober environment with certain rules and standards, so you have the opportunity to practice your coping skills and new habits.

For some people, a sober living home is the best option after inpatient treatment because they don’t have a sober or safe environment to return to. In that case, they can work on getting a job and finding stable, substance-free, long-term housing during their time in sober living.

Other benefits include:

  • Sober living environments aren’t as restrictive as inpatient rehab, so you’ll feel like you have more options regarding how you spend your time, although there are still some rules.
  • You can create new routines and a sense of structure for yourself.
  • Sober living homes are a great way to meet people who can become part of your support system in your recovery. Isolation is a big risk factor for relapse.
  • During your time in sober living, you can start making amends with loved ones, find a job, and adjust to your life outside of a highly structured environment.

You will continue treatment at some level when living in sober living houses in New Jersey. Usually, this is outpatient at a center like Next Wind Recovery, and you could also participate in 12-step programs or a support group.

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What to Expect from Treatment

Continuing Treatment While You’re in a Sober Living Home

If you are staying in a New Jersey sober living home, you might continue your treatment on an outpatient basis. At Next Wind Recovery, we provide outpatient treatment and services and connect our clients to living environments.

Our New Jersey outpatient programs include the following levels of care.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our New Jersey PHP at Next Wind Recovery is our most intensive level of care, but it does take place on an outpatient basis. You might start your continuum of care in a PHP, or it could be something you transition down from after you complete an inpatient stay.

You can receive therapy, medical care, mental health care, medication management, and other appropriate services during your time at our PHP.

You return home in the evenings and weekends or to your sober living house.

In our PHPs, you can expect to attend sessions four to five times a week, each lasting several hours. You may participate more often if you have a severe addiction or co-occurring mental health disorder.

While it provides a sense of structure, you can also manage many of your responsibilities outside of treatment, such as looking for work.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

An IOP at Next Wind Recovery helps you put into place long-lasting changes that you’ll carry through your life as you maintain your sobriety.

Our IOP is suited to someone who doesn’t need constant medical supervision.

You receive intensive services at our facility but can maintain other school, work, or family responsibilities.

IOPs at our Englewood, New Jersey, center can be versatile. It could be a standalone program for someone with a mild addiction, or it can be something you transition into following other care levels.

At our center, IOP clients will meet three to five times a week, lasting up to four hours a day. These programs are relatively short-term, usually only lasting five to eight weeks.

Outpatient Rehab

You could participate in an outpatient program while residing in sober living houses in New Jersey.

Someone well-suited to our outpatient programs will have a strong recovery foundation, be physically and mentally stable, and be ready to take accountability for their future.

Outpatient treatment is the least intensive care level, providing client support as you navigate your new life in recovery.

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