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Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine is a derivative of amphetamine, which is a potent central nervous system stimulator. Amphetamines are frequently prescribed for medical conditions such as ADHD, narcolepsy, and clinical obesity and are highly effective when properly used. Methamphetamine, referred to as meth, crystal meth, crystal, and crank, is illegally produced in meth labs and sold as a recreational drug. Meth is highly addictive. Reports indicate that meth has become the most used hard drug in the world. Next Wind Recovery is a substance abuse rehab in New Jersey. We can help you or your loved one recover from meth addiction. To learn more, call our team at 201.331.6569.

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The Signs and Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Meth is usually smoked but can also be snorted, injected, or swallowed. Meth production is dangerous and requires toxic chemicals that remain in the finished product. Smoking meth exposes the mouth to these harsh chemicals, which erode the teeth and gums. This condition referred to as “meth mouth,” is the clearest indicator of meth addiction.

The psychological and physical impacts of meth addiction are more apparent than with alcohol or other drugs. Common signs and symptoms include:

Rapid and extreme weight loss

Intense itching and picking that causes sores and scabs

Burns on the fingers and lips

Erratic sleep patterns


Twitching, facial tics, or spasmodic movements

The risk for overdose from meth is high, especially when used in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs. Studies on long-term meth use show that it is associated with diminished verbal learning and coordination. Meth causes significant changes to areas of the brain that regulate memory and emotions. With successful meth addiction treatment, these brain changes often begin to reverse after a year or so of sobriety. Sadly, for some, these changes are irreversible.


Meth Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Meth use usually quickly progresses to dependency and addiction. This addiction causes significant issues for the individuals caught in its grip and their loved ones. Next Wind Recovery offers effective meth addiction treatment in New Jersey. We offer:

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Aftercare Services

An aftercare program provides an ongoing treatment service for recovering people after they achieve sobriety.


Group Therapy

Group therapy occurs when people who share similar needs come together to learn and grow.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient treatment program serves as a structured therapeutic environment for patients.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction rehab is designed as the final step for those in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

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Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program is designed to give you structure and accountability as you heal and learn new coping mechanisms

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment can be the off-ramp you need in order to ease your transition out of addiction

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Paying for Treatment

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How Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment in NJ Works at Next Wind

At Next Wind Recovery, we provide evidence-based treatments for meth addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. After a successful detox, clients are ready to uncover the root causes of their addiction. Because addiction is a disease that impacts a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we offer comprehensive, holistic addiction and mental health treatment options.

While individual therapy is crucial to addiction treatment and recovery, group therapy also plays a significant role. Group therapy provides the opportunity to improve communication skills while giving and receiving peer support. Making connections with others who have similar experiences and face similar obstacles dramatically enhances the therapeutic process.

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