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Introduction to Treatment in Essex County

For individuals who are struggling with an addiction, looking into treatment options can feel overwhelming and confusing. The different levels of treatment programs, additional treatment options, and included amenities can make it hard to know what you should focus on. 

The key component is finding a treatment program that can fit your needs. This means that they can provide you with evidenced-based treatment for the substance, or substances, that you have been struggling with, as well as treatment for other mental health concerns you may have. Treatment providers may offer specialized treatment options for populations such as men, women, veterans, college students, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

If you are unsure about what your needs are regarding treatment programs, we encourage you to ask for help. Mental health professionals and medical professionals are two examples of individuals that you could speak to. Additionally, you could contact local treatment programs and ask for guidance or support. 

Next Wind Recovery is an Essex County drug and alcohol rehab center that offers outpatient treatment options. To learn how our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab can help you overcome addiction, contact us today.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Resources in Essex County

The Department of Human Services in New Jersey released a report for substance abuse-related statistics from 2020 for Essex County. This report showed that among individuals who received treatment, the most commonly abused substance was heroin. This was followed by alcohol, marijuana, other opiates, cocaine, and other drugs, respectively. 

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from a drug and alcohol rehab in Essex County. Next Wind Recovery combines traditional treatment approaches, including group and individual therapy with holistic treatment approaches, such as anger management and life skills development. Our staff will work with you to modify your treatment plan to fit your needs and schedule. Call Next Wind Recovery today to learn more about our New Jersey outpatient drug rehab.

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Living outside of our facility allows you to put the behaviors and routines you have been learning in treatment into practice while still receiving a high level of support.

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In many cases, PHP treatment allows you to keep up with responsibilities at home, work, or school.

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A partial hospitalization program tends to be less costly than residential treatment programs.

Productive Group Therapy

PHP treatment allows clients to develop social support networks outside of the facility, which assists in long-term sobriety.

Why Essex Addiction Treatment Resources Are Essential

The statistics listed above only include individuals who sought addiction treatment in 2020. The reality is that there were significantly more individuals struggling with a substance abuse disorder in 2020 that did not receive any treatment.

Barriers that individuals can experience in regard to addiction treatment include:

  • Negative stigma
  • Lack of support
  • Financial concerns
  • Struggle with denial
  • Being unaware of local treatment options


Many worry about being able to fit treatment into their schedule or how they will be able to travel to and from treatment. Some individuals need to experience their rock bottom to see that their use is a concern and that addiction treatment could improve their quality of life. 

While we have access to addiction treatment in Essex County, there is still room for improvement. We can work towards increasing awareness of what addiction progression looks like and educating individuals about how to support someone they believe is struggling. We can also work to decrease the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing addiction treatment programs when needed.

If you have been considering enrolling in an Essex County addiction treatment program, we encourage you to speak with a Next Wind Recovery representative. Our modern facility offers a variety of treatment programs that allows you access to a continuum source of support in your recovery. In all of our treatment programs, you would have access to co-occurring treatment and medication-assisted treatment if needed. To learn more about how Next Wind Recovery, we invite you to call today.

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Paying for Treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Your health insurance can typically help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with addiction treatment at Next Wind Recovery. Contact us for a free consultation to find out your options for treatment. We work hard to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment at Next Wind Recovery. We are currently unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

What Levels of Drug Rehab Are Available in Essex County?

Outpatient treatment programs tend to be a bit more customizable, with a variety of intensities and intensity of the program. As you progress through your recovery, you should be working with a counselor to modify your treatment plan and goals to reflect your progress. Similarly, you would receive additional support if you experience challenges and a relapse. 

With outpatient treatment programs, you do not reside at the treatment facility. For individuals who do not have a sober, safe, or supportive home environment, there are other options for you, such as sober homes. 

Next Wind Recovery is an Essex County substance abuse treatment provider. With a holistic treatment approach, you will have your mental health, physical health, and spiritual needs incorporated into your treatment plan. Your treatment plan will be modified to reflect your growth as you progress through your recovery. If you find yourself struggling, we can provide additional support to help you get through the tough moments. Call to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in New Jersey.

Next Wind Recovery is an Essex County Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Next Wind Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment provider located 30 minutes away from Essex County in Edgewood, New Jersey. Our modern treatment facility offers outpatient treatment options, including partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP), outpatient treatment, and aftercare programming. Within each of our treatment programs, you would have access to co-occurring treatment as well as medication-assisted treatment if appropriate. 

We utilize traditional treatment approaches, including group therapy, individual therapy, and educational sessions. Our licensed professionals are trained to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.  

Our programs use alternative approaches, include anger management training and anxiety management training. Our partial hospitalization program uses a variety of outing opportunities that allow you to practice the skills we focus on in real time, with the support of your counselors. 

When left untreated, addiction will continue to create chaos in your life. This includes your mental health, physical health, relationships, and your career. While there are some who have been able to achieve sobriety without addiction treatment, addiction treatment can provide you with invaluable knowledge and support that has a lasting impact on your recovery. To learn more about the treatment options available at Next Wind Recovery, we encourage you to call to speak with a representative today!

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At this time we are unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans.