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In Tenafly, NJ, and other Bergen County communities, substance problems are not a rarity. In fact, thousands of people across the county face daily struggles with drugs or alcohol. Some affected residents receive timely help for substance addiction and/or substance abuse. However, many others who need help have not yet entered a suitable rehab program. Fortunately, no matter where you live in Bergen County, quality care is just a short drive away.

Need top-rated drug or alcohol treatment in Tenafly or a nearby village, township, or borough? You’ll find it at Next Wind Recovery. Our staff of specialists is dedicated to helping you throughout all phases of the rehab process. We also have the expertise needed to support your long-term sobriety when rehab comes to an end.

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Detoxing at Our Tenafly
Drug Rehab Center

The overarching goal of drug or alcohol rehab is helping you develop a substance-free lifestyle that stands the test of time. But it’s impossible to tackle this goal all at once. Instead, you must break it down into a series of clear, manageable steps. The very first step in effective addiction recovery is both straightforward and notoriously difficult: stopping your active drug or alcohol use.  

There are many potential pitfalls to halting your substance use on your own. The most common obstacle is the appearance of withdrawal symptoms that deter you from reaching your initial sobriety. In some circumstances, you may also experience serious withdrawal complications. 

The risks for these kinds of issues help explain the prominent place of supervised detox in state-of-the-art rehab programs. Detox services are specifically designed to help you:

  • Avoid taking another drink or using more drugs or medication
  • Leave chronic intoxication behind you
  • Cope with every stage of withdrawal from any addictive substance
  • Overcome any specific withdrawal complications that may occur
  • Complete your time in detox in a fully sober state

They’re helpful, in large part, because they’re customized to meet individual needs. Your needs may partially align with those of other people. However, no two individuals have detox plans that are exactly the same.

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Working to Establish Long-Term Sobriety in Tenafly Addiction Treatment

Successful detox moves you closer to durable sobriety. But you can’t reach that goal without doing more work. Why? Addiction has chronic effects on you. Detox helps you temporarily undo some of these effects. However, the establishment of lasting sobriety requires a more active treatment approach

At Next Wind, we feature treatment options that help you transform short-term sobriety into a substance-free lifestyle. Together, these options allow you to develop a skill set that supports your ability to:

  • Understand addiction’s effects on your internal mindset and your behavior
  • Recognize and process unpleasant thoughts and emotions
  • Choose wisely between behaviors that support addiction and behaviors that help you maintain abstinence
  • Respond to stressful situations without using drugs or alcohol
  • Improve your family relations and widen your addiction recovery network

Psychotherapy is our primary option for helping you build and strengthen your sobriety skills. A customized recovery plan often includes multiple therapy options, each of which benefits you in its particular way. 

Therapy and addiction medication sometimes work together in an approach called medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This approach is not used to support recovery from most forms of addiction. However, its role in opioid and alcohol treatment tends to be pivotal. That’s true because a MAT medication can help you do certain things that therapy can’t, including:

  • Suppressing the urgency of your substance cravings 
  • Blocking the intoxicating effects of alcohol or opioids
  • Producing physical discomfort if you drink alcohol
  • Undoing some of the alcohol-related harm to your brain function 

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Addressing Additional Mental Illness in Tenafly Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction are often discussed outside of a mental health context. But research makes it clear that they are, in fact, mental health issues. Today, they form a category of conditions known as substance use disorders (SUDs). 

If you’re affected by one mental health problem, your chances of experiencing other problems generally increase. That’s definitely the case with SUDs. For anyone struggling with one of these disorders, the likelihood of having a second mental illness is roughly 50/50. 

Are there consequences to having a SUD in combination with an illness such as depression or an anxiety disorder? Yes. As a rule, the two conditions affecting you reinforce each other in damaging ways. To overcome this negative impact, you must do more than work toward a substance-free lifestyle. In addition, you must receive the best possible treatment for the illness, reinforcing your drug or alcohol problems. 

At Next Wind, we understand the importance of dual recovery from SUDs and further mental illness. Talk to us today to learn how we support you with a fully coordinated treatment plan.

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Treatment Settings for Effective Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Tenafly

Effective substance recovery can be based on either of two rehab models: outpatient care or inpatient care. The outpatient category includes multiple levels of weekly treatment that you receive while living at home. The inpatient category follows a 24/7, live-in approach. 

Neither of these options is inherently superior to the other. In the right circumstances, each of them can give you everything you need to make real progress in treatment. How do you know which setting is a likely choice for you? Get the answers to that question today at Next Wind Recovery.

Aftercare Support 

No matter how firmly you establish your sobriety during rehab, everyday life can gradually chip away at your ability to stay substance-free. This fact explains why today’s addiction professionals emphasize the importance of aftercare services. These services can help you do such things as:

  • Find and make use of sobriety resources available in your community
  • Refresh your understanding and awareness of addiction’s chronic effects
  • Access a network of supportive peers also seeking to maintain abstinence

For these reasons and others, aftercare can be invaluable both now and in the future. Consult us today for more details on Next Wind’s comprehensive post-rehab support services.

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We Work With Most Insurance

Your health insurance can typically help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with addiction treatment at Next Wind Recovery. Contact us for a free consultation to find out your options for treatment. We work hard to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment at Next Wind Recovery. We are currently unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

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With our help, you can begin to undo the effects of mild, moderate or even severe addiction. You can also develop a proactive mindset toward maintaining your sobriety. And when you need to refresh your sobriety skills, our aftercare services are standing by to support you. 

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