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Drug and alcohol problems are a significant concern in Bergen County, New Jersey. That’s true even for relatively small communities like Alpine. With treatments available today, you can recover from both addiction and debilitating substance abuse. However, the help you receive must be targeted to the specific problem affecting you. It must also provide you with a treatment setting that fits your current needs. When these two factors are accounted for, you can optimize your chances for recovery success.

Looking for effective Alpine drug or alcohol services that maximize your sobriety support? Turn to the time-tested expertise of Next Wind Recovery. At Next Wind, we’re dedicated to helping as many people as possible reap the benefits of modern treatment. We feature resources for all forms of addiction and all phases of addiction recovery. And we provide those resources in a variety of customized settings. No matter your situation, you can make real progress starting today.

Next Wind Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in New Jersey that offers treatment to the Alpine area. Contact us today to learn more about our NJ outpatient programs.



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Starting Alpine Addiction Recovery
With Detoxification

Substances capable of causing addiction leave your brain and body in a toxified state. Unfortunately, you may have great difficulty breaking out of this state on your own. That’s true because addiction creates its own momentum through mechanisms such as:

  • Physical dependence
  • An involuntary psychological need to keep your substance use going
  • Disregard for the impact of your substance-seeking behavior on yourself or anyone else

Nevertheless, if your goal is sobriety, your drug or alcohol use must come to an end. How can you meet the challenge of halting your substance intake? With help from a formal detoxification, or detox, program. 

Detox programs use a range of methods to help you step away from active use of alcohol or drugs. Actions that form the backbone of all effective programs include:

  • Looking after you as you experience the remaining effects of intoxication
  • Thoroughly assessing your condition and determining how to help you through substance withdrawal
  • Ensuring that your health remains stable as your system detoxifies and withdrawal takes place
  • Limiting your exposure to the effects of withdrawal so you can successfully complete detox

The optimum approach to detox depends, in part, on what form of addiction is affecting you. It also depends on the specifics of your personal history and your reaction to the withdrawal process.

Have questions about going through the detoxification process? Turn to the experts at Next Wind Recovery for clear, accurate answers. 

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Active Alpine Addiction Treatment

Detox plays two key roles in your recovery. First, it helps you make a break from your established habit of drinking or using drugs. And once you’ve made that break, detox guides you to enrollment in active addiction treatment. In essence, active treatment helps you turn temporary sobriety into a durable, everyday pattern of abstinence. 

The main resource for active treatment is psychotherapy known to support recovery from your specific form of addiction. Thoroughly researched options that may suit your particular needs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • 12-step facilitation therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Effective therapy can take place in individual or group sessions. Both of these formats have their own benefits, and your recovery plan may include a combination of them. 

Medication is typically added to plans designed to help you recover from alcohol or opioid problems. Along with psychotherapy, it forms an approach known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). 

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Alpine Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction symptoms often don’t occur in isolation. Instead, they’re accompanied by symptoms of debilitating, non-addicted substance abuse. You may also experience significant substance abuse symptoms without being affected by addiction. All of these problems fall under a single modern diagnosis: substance use disorder (SUD). You may need SUD treatment for:

  • Standalone addiction
  • Combined addiction and substance abuse
  • Standalone substance abuse

Whichever applies to you, your recovery plan will reflect your unique needs and situation.

Want to learn more about active treatment at an Alpine drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center? Contact the specialists at Next Wind today.

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Program Options at an Alpine Drug Rehab Center or Alcohol Rehab Center

Accessible drug and alcohol treatment in Alpine must fit the needs of people from all backgrounds. However, these needs can vary for numerous reasons, including:

  • The specific substance causing your problems with addiction and/or substance abuse
  • How seriously you’re affected by those problems
  • Whether or not you have a stable home life and/or reliable support from friends and family

Modern treatment follows a continuum of care approach that matches you to a recovery program that best fits your needs. Options that take place in outpatient settings include:

  • Standard outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)

Each of these programs has its own list of criteria for enrollment. You may also need a residential or inpatient program designed to treat severe SUDs.

At Next Wind Recovery, we feature each of these options. To find out more about which would be appropriate for you or your loved one, contact us today.

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Extra Mental Health Support During Rehab

All substance use disorders are classified as mental health conditions. During your time in rehab, the SUD affecting you may be your only significant mental health issue. However, oftentimes, this is not so. In addition, you may be dealing with other serious illnesses such as:

  • Major depression or another depression-based condition
  • Any of multiple types of anxiety disorders
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • A bipolar disorder

If that’s the case, your co-occurring illness must be addressed as part of the treatment process. Recovery plans that fail to do so are typically ineffective. That’s true because they only focus on part of your mental well-being, not all of it. In contrast, a recovery plan for co-occurring conditions will fully support your progress toward mental wellness.

As-needed co-occurring disorder treatment is available to everyone who enrolls at Next Wind Recovery. Consult us today for more information on our full-spectrum approach to your recovery. 

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Enrolling in Aftercare Following Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Alpine

Many people believe that the completion of active treatment marks the end of the addiction recovery journey. But reality does not support this point of view. Like any chronic disease, addiction affects your long-term health and well-being. To keep its impact in check, you must stay alert and manage its effects.

Comprehensive rehab programs are well aware of the need to manage addiction’s chronic effects. To make this job much easier, they provide aftercare services. These services help you do vital things such as:

  • Stay relapse-free over time
  • Take advantage of community resources for sobriety support
  • Develop your own effective support network
  • Maintain access to professional support

Talk to the professionals at Next Wind to learn more about the major benefits of aftercare. 

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Your health insurance can typically help cover up to 100% of the costs associated with addiction treatment at Next Wind Recovery. Contact us for a free consultation to find out your options for treatment. We work hard to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment at Next Wind Recovery. We are currently unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans at this time.

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