How to Find a Job After Rehab

Recovering from substance abuse is a lifelong challenge, and many people find obstacles along their path to sobriety. One of the most common obstacles is how to find a job after rehab. There are many obstacles to finding employment, but there are just as many tips for getting a good job after rehab. If wondering how to find a job after rehab ends, Next Wind Recovery can help.

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Why Can it be Challenging to Find Work After Rehab?

Finding a job after rehab can be challenging for many reasons:

  • Sometimes people have a criminal history, the result of substance abuse, and that criminal history can limit the number of jobs that are available.
  • Sometimes the barriers include gaps in employment history because of multiple stints in jail or rehab facilities, which can make finding employment after rehab impossible for companies who want to see stable employment histories.
  • Sometimes people have financial complications, so finding employment after rehab can be difficult if any job requires things like background checks, criminal history checks, or credit checks.
  • Other times there are technology or skills gaps, limited education, or just the stigma of working in recovery.

Another way in which it’s a challenge is that some people are working in recovery. They are still attending meetings or going to therapy, so they need job opportunities that facilitate flexible work schedules while still offering full-time employment.

Tips for Getting a Job After Rehab

When you start looking for a job, know that you might face setbacks, which might not happen immediately, and you might very well face many “no’s” before you find the right “yes.” But with time and dedication, it can happen.

  1. Use available employment services. Many facilities and rehab programs help you transition back to daily life by obtaining higher education, child care, transportation, and employment. Good rehab facilities will be happy to help you with connections to local job opportunities or even help you with things like writing a resume.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask around. Too often, people try to handle problems like finding a job after rehab on their own, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask anyone and everyone in your personal network about any employment opportunities they might know of. Ask your doctor, your therapist, your counselor, people in your support group, your friends, or your family. Even if they can’t offer you an immediate, long-term job, they might be able to offer something short-term to get you back on your feet or point you in the right direction.
  3. Use online resources. Websites like America in Recovery are online job search resources specifically for people in recovery. Jobs posted on these websites are done so by employers who are already aware of the fact that their candidates are working in recovery, so you don’t have to struggle with disclosing your substance disorder or not. 

Are There Employment Services For People in Recovery?

Yes! The government offers employee assistance programs to help in finding employment after rehab. 

Other prominent services include Recovery Through Entrepreneurship. Finding a job after rehab usually only means low-level or entry-level positions. That is why this organization specializes in multi-week programs that give you the financial, business, networking, and digital skills you need to start your own business.

People who have overcome addiction or mental health disorders might need more flexible work schedules or a chance to work independently without some of the confinement of traditional employment. What’s more, people who have struggled in this way might have unique insight into an area of business that is in demand but not yet being fulfilled by other companies. 

Organizations like Jobs, Friends & Houses give people actionable skills by renovating properties and flipping them. Working with this organization gives you a chance to start an apprenticeship and obtain skills that you can use for a legitimate, long-term career. 

How Does Next Wind Recovery Help People Find Jobs After Treatment?

Next Wind helps people in recovery with comprehensive aftercare programs. We understand that aftercare services shouldn’t be limited to ongoing group therapy. That is why we offer help finding employment after rehab, increasing your viable skills, getting help with ongoing education, and much more. Contact Next Wind Recovery today to learn more about our programs and aftercare services in New Jersey.

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